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Find Out About Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Prevail Pest Control is the first company in the Brunswick, GA area to use heat treatment to eradicate bed bug infestations. Heat treatment has proven to be the most effective method of bed bug elimination. 

Neither the bed bugs nor their eggs can survive temperatures of 120 degrees or higher. Most of our treatments can be performed with a single treatment in a 6-8 hour time frame. Once the treatment is complete rooms can return to normal use.

Benefits of Heat Treatment

  • Kills adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs – with a single treatment
  • Heat can penetrate wall cavities, mattresses and other hard to reach areas
  • Heat can be used alone but it is most effective when used with minimal applications of insecticide dusts or liquids applied to wall voids, under baseboards and/or other crevices conducive to bedbug activity
  • 1-day treatment process
  • No odor
  • Minimal preparations and no move out (Note: no access during heat treatment)

Ideal Places for Heat Treatment

  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Hotel rooms
  • Dormitories
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Shelters
  • Office buildings
  • Affordable housing 

How Does Heat Treatment Work?

Heat-sensitive items must be removed from the areas being treated with heat. Once these items have been removed, our technicians will use specially designed heaters, high-powered fans and ducting to direct air flow to designated treatment areas.

Interior temperatures are monitored using digital equipment and temperature sensors to ensure temperature is maintained at levels that are lethal to bed bugs.
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