Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Prevail Pest Control services each account from an 
integrated pest management (IPM) approach. This is a systematic approach to each pest control service which begins first with a thorough inspection of the property to be serviced, then proper identification of the pest to be controlled must be made, next a recommendation of any situations which need to be corrected should be made to the customer such as building repairs, sanitation, or any other conducive conditions that would encourage pest pressure, only then should Treatment  be made using one or more of the following: traps,monitors, exclusion, and/or pesticide applications. The final step in this approach is to evaluate the program by continually monitoring pest populations, sanitation, structural conditions and so forth to reduce the chances of any further infestations in the future.
Residential Pest Control
If you have a home in Brunswick, Georgia or one of the 
surrounding areas, it is only a matter of time before you 
will find the need for a reliable pest control service. 
Prevail Pest Control offers a Quarterly pest control 
program for residential customers using an (IPM) 
Integrated Pest Management approach. Initial treatment 
includes servicing of the interior and exterior of your 
home. Regular Quarterly visits will be focused around 
the exterior where pests often harbor, as well as 
increase in population, before they have a chance to 
enter your home. This will keep pest activity inside your 
home at a minimal level and will be far less intrusive to 
you and your family. Interior services are performed on 
an as needed basis in order to avoid unnecessary 
chemical applications in the more sensitive areas of your home. Exterior applications are the most important part 
of a successful pest control program with interior 
treatments being performed only as a corrective measure.
Commercial Pest Control
Prevail Pest Control has highly trained professionals 
who are qualified  to handle any type of pest situation 
that may occur in a commercial facility. We use an 
(IPM) Integrated Pest Management approach for each 
account that we service. We offer several different types 
of services in order to provide the best results possible. 
These include Monthly, Bi-Monthly, as well as Quarterly 
service programs. Prevail Pest Control will tailor a 
program around the needs of your business while taking 
into consideration the type of facility, hours of operation, 
and any health related concerns. At Prevail Pest Control 
we understand the importance of maintaining a pest free 
environment in a commercial establishment. We continually stay up to date on the latest techniques and products in order to provide the highest quality pest 
control service available.
Residential Protection
Commercial Protection
Idustrial Protection
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